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“There’s no persecution in the Holy Land … unless you share your faith.” — Pastor Steven Khoury, Israel:


Israel: Tortured by the Palestinian Authority
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The West Bank city of Bethlehem adjoins Jerusalem, but the cities are separated by a huge wall designed to protect against terrorist attacks. Bethlehem and the rest of the West Bank are partially governed by the Palestinian Authority (PA), while Israel controls the roads and Israeli settlements. Persecution of Christian converts in the West Bank comes both from family members and, sometimes, from the PA.

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February 2014 Newsletter
“There’s no persecution in the Holy Land … unless you share your faith.”
— Pastor Steven Khoury, Israel

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Israel: Persecution in the Holy Land
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Both Jews and Christians are targets of radical Muslims in the Holy Land, but the two groups aren’t always allies. Modern Jewish society in Israel rejects any form of proselytism, including evangelical sharing of the gospel. In the past, the Israeli government has denied citizenship to Messianic Jews (Jews who follow Christ), and city governments have burned Bibles and other Christian literature. VOM has shared stories in the past about Messianic Jews and foreign Christian workers who have been harassed by ultra-Orthodox, anti-missionary Jewish groups.

But the good news is that more believers live in the Holy Land today than ever before. While there are only about 12,000 to 15,000 Jewish followers of Jesus in Israel, more Jews in Israel have come to Christ in the last 20 years than in the preceding history of the modern state.

In the weeks before Jesus’ crucifixion, he told his disciples that authorities would persecute them because of their faith and that the gospel message would cause divisions between family members. He also promised that those who stand firm will gain eternal life. As believers labor together to carry out the Great Commission and wait expectantly for Christ’s return, The Voice of the Martyrs will continue to stand with those who are persecuted for Christ’s sake.

Central Asia: “Thank You Very Much!”
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A VOM worker recently visited Dmitry Shestakov, a pastor and former Christian prisoner from Uzbekistan. Dmitry, also known as David, spent four years in prison for his Christian work in Uzbekistan, one of the most difficult places in Central Asia for Christians to practice their faith. Dmitry was released in January 2011, but he had difficulty supporting his family because of his criminal record. He was unable to participate in any form of ministry because of the constant police presence outside his home, and he was finally forced to leave Uzbekistan last year with his wife and three daughters. They sent this message of thanks to VOM.

Greetings to all our friends and partners at VOM!

Finally, we get an opportunity to openly say “Thank you very much!” to express our gratitude that we wanted share with you for a very long time.

I want to read one text from the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, where the judgment of the nations takes place. Verse 35 says, “for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”

Dmitry Shestakov

Dmitry Shestakov was featured on Prisoner Alert.


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