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  • April 2014 Newsletter Media

    Special Bible Issue: A Bible for Every Believer: “Onnab” stood next to the charred remains of her home. A Sudanese Air Force jet had just flown over her village and dropped a bomb that...  View Media

  • March 2014 Newsletter Media

    “God has called us here. If we die, we die.”: At 10 p.m., “Ruth” awoke with a start to the sound of nearby bombing. She and her family lived in a small...  View Media

  • February 2014 Newsletter Media

    “There’s no persecution in the Holy Land … unless you share your faith.” — Pastor Steven Khoury, Israel: Israel: Tortured by the Palestinian Authority Page 4 The West...  View Media

  • January 2014 Newsletter Media

    Will You Pray for Us?: When VOM’s founder, Richard Wurmbrand, arrived in the United States in the 1960s, he brought with him a message from the underground church: “We,...  View Media

  • December 2013 Newsletter Media

    Tortured, Abandoned, Embraced: Susan was just 13 when an evangelist spoke at her school in Uganda and she turned to Christ for salvation. That year, 2009, marked the beginning of the troubles with...  View Media

  • November 2013 Newsletter Media

    The New Road to Damasus: Most Americans have have seen the graphic images of bombed-out Syrian cities and citizens killed by chemical weapons. But amid these stories of chaotic...  View Media

  • October 2013 Newsletter Media

    Will You Drink of This Cup?: The new covenant in my blood. The sacrament of Communion points us directly to the terrible price Jesus paid to redeem his followers from sin and Satan. It is a...  View Media

  • September 2013 Newsletter Media

    North Korea’s New Enemy: How does one reach into the most closed nation on earth, a place that has been isolated from the outside world since the 1950s? Modern technology has...  View Media

  • August 2013 Newsletter Media

    When We Can’t Forgive: Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 18 that they are to forgive those who sin against them 70 times seven, an excessive number used to emphasize that forgiveness...  View Media

  • July 2013 Newsletter Media

    Sudan: Special Photo Issue: VOM began working in the conflict-ridden country of Sudan in the late 1990s. For...  View Media