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  • October 2014 Newsletter Media

    Deny or Die: The War on Christians in Nigeria: Habila Adamu and his family were awakened by the sound of someone pounding on the front door of their simple home in northern Nigeria. It was 11...  View Media

  • September 2014 Newsletter Media

    Persecution Showed Me I Belong to Christ: VOM is currently providing aid to a group of 43 pastors in Tanzania who have been accused of blasphemy. All 43 are Christian converts from Islam who now...  View Media

  • August 2014 Newsletter Media

    EXILED: They had to leave everything behind — their homes, land and crops. In order to live on the steep mountain slope, they first had to level the land. Then they built four rough houses...  View Media

  • July 2014 Newsletter Media

    Adopt a Front-Line Worker: Special Photo Issue There is no doubt that persecuted believers need our prayers. In many nations, simply professing belief in Christ can result in severe...  View Media

  • June 2014 Newsletter Media

    North Korea’s Holocaust: Today in North Korea, an estimated 30,000 of our brothers and sisters are suffering unspeakable tortures in four concentration camps. You don’t have to be a...  View Media

  • May 2014 Newsletter Media

    Better to Lose Your Life Than Waste It: When VOM staff travel to meet with members of our persecuted family, we are very careful not to put them at risk. Our workers in the field ensure that the...  View Media

  • April 2014 Newsletter Media

    Special Bible Issue: A Bible for Every Believer: “Onnab” stood next to the charred remains of her home. A Sudanese Air Force jet had just flown over her village and dropped a bomb that...  View Media

  • March 2014 Newsletter Media

    “God has called us here. If we die, we die.”: At 10 p.m., “Ruth” awoke with a start to the sound of nearby bombing. She and her family lived in a small village in central...  View Media

  • February 2014 Newsletter Media

    “There’s no persecution in the Holy Land … unless you share your faith.” — Pastor Steven Khoury, Israel: Israel: Tortured by the Palestinian Authority Page 4 The West...  View Media

  • January 2014 Newsletter Media

    Will You Pray for Us?: When VOM’s founder, Richard Wurmbrand, arrived in the United States in the 1960s, he brought with him a message from the underground church: “We,...  View Media