Pray for 25 Widows Starting Small Businesses


Attacks on Christians in Nigeria have left hundreds of widows with no way of supporting their families. VOM is providing 25 widows in Yobe state, Nigeria, with training and financial support to begin small businesses, after Boko Haram attacked their village. At a recent meeting with the widows, a VOM worker prayed for them, noting that the funds to start the small businesses come from Christians around the world. Many of the widows shared their gratitude, including Mary Philips who said, "The Lord has come to our rescue."

  • Pray for "Zuny", Pursued by Muslim Ex-Husband

    A Christian woman and her daughters in Pakistan are being threatened by the woman’s Muslim ex-husband, who is angry about their conversion to Christianity.

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  • Pray for Family of Christian Leader Who Died After Imprisonment

    A Christian leader, Mr. Tiang, died on Sept. 20 of complications from diabetes, which worsened while he was in prison in Laos.

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  • Pray for Members of Two Churches Bombed by Hindu Radicals

    Two churches in eastern Nepal were bombed on Sept. 15 by a Hindu radical group demanding that Nepal be a Hindu nation.

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  • Pray for Pastors Cheng and Zhao, Imprisoned for "Undermining Police"

    Chinese pastors Cheng Hongspeng and Zhao Weiliang were found guilty on May 27 of “using a cult to undermine law enforcement” and sentenced to three and four years of imprisonment respectively.

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  • Pray for Mrs. Daeng, Widow of Murdered Christian

    Mrs. Daeng is grieving the loss of her husband, who was killed on Sept. 8 in an apparent kidnapping attempt in Laos.

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  • Pray for Two Men Arrested for Spreading Christianity

    Two Christian men were arrested in Laos on Sept. 2 for “spreading Christian religion.” Bountheung Phetsomphone, 43, and Neuy, 40, were visiting at a friend’s home for fellowship and prayer when police raided the home.

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  • Pray for Christian Women Fined for Indecent Dress

    Five Christian women were convicted of indecent dress and fined various amounts in connection with their arrest outside a church in Khartoum on June 25.

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  • Pray for "Michael," Christian Convert from Islam

    VOM workers met “Michael,” a Christian convert from Islam, during a recent VOM-sponsored event.

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  • Pray for "Sameer", Injured by a Shell Fragment

    “Sameer,” the son of a Christian leader in Yemen, was hit in the head by a shell fragment recently and critically injured. A VOM partner requests prayer for supernatural healing, for the family’s peace and that the hand of God will be revealed to those in the hospital and to Sameer’s relatives. Additionally, he asks us to pray for the safety of church planters and Christians who are caught in the...

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  • Pray for Medhat Ishak, Imprisoned for Distributing Bibles

    Medhat Ishak, a 35-year-old Christian man from Minya, Egypt, is facing up to three years in prison for distributing Bibles at a suburban mall near Cairo.

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