Pray for Family of Pastor Kesvere; Kidnapped and Killed by Boko Haram


Boko Haram militants attacked the village of Bargaram, Cameroon, on July 24, killing dozens, including Pastor Jean Marcel Kesvere. The militants kidnapped pastor Kesvere during the raid, and authorities discovered his body four days later in a rural area a few miles from the village. The pastor is survived by his wife and eight children. Boko Haram, an Islamic militant group, has displaced thousands of Nigerian Christians, many of whom have fled to refugee camps in nearby Cameroon.

  • Pray for "Asim" a Church Planter from Iraq

    Pastor "Asim," who was planting a church in Mosul, was forced to flee the city in July when the Islamic State (IS) began threatening to kill Christians and other non-Muslims.

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  • Pray for "Ranjay" and Christian Leaders

    "Ranjay" and other Christian leaders may face persecution in the months to come from members of the RSS.

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  • Pray for John Yakubu, Tortured for Faith

    John Yakubu, a Nigerian Christian, was tortured by Boko Haram terrorists recently for refusing to convert to Islam.

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  • Pray for Families of Four Christian Martyrs

    Four Christian men who had volunteered with a Christian radio station were captured and beaten to death by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. The four men were kidnapped from a church, and their bodies were later found in a mass grave.

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  • Pray for Huang, a Christian Arrested for Going to Police

    A Christian man was arrested in western China when he and a group of other church members tried to reclaim Bibles and other illegally confiscated church property from a police station.

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  • Pray for "Maina"

    On July 15, members of a radical Hindu group abused and tortured a Christian woman for sharing the gospel in their village.

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  • Pray for the Witness of Local Evangelist

    An evangelist and group of visitors were harassed by a shop owner and a policeman for distributing Christian materials during Ramadan.

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  • Pray for Christians Being Targeted for Faith

    On July 5, suspected Islamic militants attacked Christians in Hindi, Kenya, leaving at least 12 dead.

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  • Pray for Jaya, Attacked For Evangelizing

    “Jaya,” an evangelist in Nepal who has led 32 people to Christ in the past two years, was beaten by nearly 20 Hindu women and then kicked out of her village.

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  • Pray for Families of Christian Aid Workers Killed

    Two women who worked for a Christian aid organization were murdered in Herat on July 24 by gunmen who fired into their taxi.

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  • Pray for Amir, Christian Scheduled for Execution

    Iranian authorities have set Aug. 12 as the execution date for a Christian man named "Amir" who is imprisoned outside Tehran for smuggling Bibles.

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  • Pray for Christian Refugees

    More than 200 families fled Mosul, Iraq, after members of the so-called Islamic State demanded that Christians remaining in Mosul after noon on July 19 convert to Islam, agree to pay a tax or face execution.

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  • Pray for Local Church Members

    On Sunday, July 20, officials from the Committee on Religion interrupted a worship service of the International Church in Tajikistan, which meets in a building owned by the Russian Baptist Church, to question leaders about the church’s government registration.

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  • Pray for Pastor Esmir & Family After Authorities Destroy Home

    Pastor Esmir Torreblanca, his wife, Marieta, and their two children, ages 7 and 11, were left homeless on July 2 after Cuban authorities raided and demolished their home, which also served as a church.

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