Pray for Colombian Pastors Threatened by Guerrilla Groups


A violent guerrilla group summoned nine Colombian pastors to a July 8 meeting after the pastors refused to pay “protection money” in June. On July 7, the National Liberation Army (ELN) sent a note ordering the pastors to attend a meeting across the border in Venezuela, where the group operates with impunity. Many feared that the ELN might execute the pastors for refusing to pay the 2 million pesos (about 700 U.S. dollars). The pastors ask for prayer as they continue to face harassment from ELN members who have placed new restrictions on their churches. The guerrillas have forbidden the construction of new church buildings, and Christians are no longer allowed to meet in individual homes for worship or study. Additionally, any new pastors must be from the local region, and no one from outside the ELN-controlled region is allowed to visit the Christians there. ELN members also expect the pastors to help them financially from time to time because they are suffering from food shortages and a transportation strike. The pastors were so grateful for your prayers in June. Please pray that the pastors and other believers will continue sharing the gospel despite these challenges.  

  • Pray for Russian Believers, Prohibited from Evangelizing

    A new law that goes into effect on July 20 could result in stiff fines for Christians who evangelize in Russia.

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  • Pray for Christians Helping Displaced People like "Fatima"
    Middle East

    War and instability throughout the Middle East have created opportunities for Christians there to reach out to displaced believers as well those of other faiths.

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  • Pray for Imprisoned Pastor Yang Hua, Threatened by Authorities

    Pastor Yang Hua, who has been held for more than six months on charges of "divulging state secrets," has recently received a series of threats from prison officials.

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  • Pray for the Family of Pastor Joseph Kura, Who Was Killed Recently

    On June 30, the mutilated body of Pastor Joseph Kura, of Evangelical Church Winning All in Obi, Nasarawa, was found at his farm.

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  • Pray for Persecuted Christians Starting Small Businesses

    House churches in western Kenya have begun more than 30 farming projects to provide economic and discipleship opportunities to believers persecuted by Somalia-based al-Shabab.

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  • Pray for Pastor Rubel's House Churches, Facing Persecution

    Four house churches led by Pastor "Rubel" in Bangladesh have faced several incidents of persecution in the past year, including the murder of a church member.

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  • Pray for Front-Line Workers Who Received Village Outreach Packs

    Each Christmas, VOM readers sponsor Village Outreach Packs for Christian workers who share the gospel in hostile areas..

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  • Pray for Evangelists Using Digital Media Players for Outreach
    Sierra Leone

    Evangelists in Sierra Leone are using digital media players to share the gospel with Muslims and other unreached people.

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  • Pray for Ali, Who Has Decided to Continue Serving in His Country
    Middle East

    The challenges of ministering in a highly restricted country had led "Ali" to sell his house and possessions, with the intent of seeking refugee status in the West.

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  • Pray for Christians Risking Their Lives to Share God's Word

    On April 17, gunmen attacked a group of Christian workers who were on their way to distribute VOM-sponsored Bibles.

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  • Pray for "Havika" and His Family, Who Were Forced from Their Village

    A family of Khmu Christians have been forced to leave their village after receiving threats from a village leader.

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  • Pray for the Families of Ashok and Kumar, Denied Access to a Water Well

    Local authorities have denied two Christian families the right to use a common well in their village in India.

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  • Pray for Christian Leaders Detained During a Retreat

    Police in Indonesia detained 15 Christian leaders on May 30, shortly after they arrived at a hotel in West Java for a weekend retreat.

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  • Pray for Karlygash, the Wife of a Christian Prisoner

    Karlygash continues to wait and pray for the release of her husband, Yklas Kabduakasov, who is serving two years in a labor camp because of his Christian faith.

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