Pray for the Families of Ashok and Kumar, Denied Access to a Water Well


Local authorities have denied two Christian families the right to use a common well in their village in India. On April 5, the village chief announced that Ashok and Kumar could no longer use the local well because they had refused to contribute funds for a festival honoring Hindu gods for the second year in a row. The families must now travel a great distance to get water. Although Ashok is blind and his mother is elderly, people in the village show the Christians no mercy. Please pray that Ashok, Kumar and their families will stand firm in their faith.

  • Pray for Christian Leaders Detained During a Retreat

    Police in Indonesia detained 15 Christian leaders on May 30, shortly after they arrived at a hotel in West Java for a weekend retreat.

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  • Pray for Karlygash, the Wife of a Christian Prisoner

    Karlygash continues to wait and pray for the release of her husband, Yklas Kabduakasov, who is serving two years in a labor camp because of his Christian faith.

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  • Pray for North Korean Orphans in China
    Korea, North

    Christian workers traveled to China in February to minister to North Korean children as part of an ongoing outreach to orphans and other North Korean families.

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  • Pray for Nine Pastors Threatened by a Violent Rebel Group

    Nine church pastors in Colombia were given until June 14 to pay 2 million pesos ($700) in "protection money" to a violent guerrilla group that controls the area.

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  • Pray for "Esther," a Disabled Christian in the Nuba Mountains

    "Esther," a widow with four young children, lives a difficult life in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.

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  • Pray for Kurdish Christians in Turkey

    Kurdish Christians and other believers living in southeastern Turkey near face many difficulties because of war and persecution.

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  • Pray for Christians Ministering to Refugees
    Middle East

    Christians in the Middle East continue to minister to both Christian and Muslim refugees in a variety of ways.

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  • Pray for Five Christian Families Expelled from Their Village

    Five Christian families were expelled from their village recently for refusing to participate in a festival honoring Hindu gods.

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  • Pray for Christians Recovering from an Easter Bombing

    At least 72 people were killed and more than 340 others injured in an Easter bombing of a Christian gathering at a park in Lahore, Pakistan.

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  • Praise God for the Release of Nguyen Van Ly

    The Vietnamese government released Nguyen Van Ly last Friday, ahead of a May 23 visit by President Barack Obama. The 70-year-old's latest imprisonment began in 2007, when he was convicted of propaganda against the state.

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  • Pray for a Church Leader's Son, Hit by a Motorcyclist
    Middle East

    The son of a church leader in the Middle East is recovering from serious injuries suffered when a motorcyclist hit him and fled the scene.

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  • Pray for Wang Xiuling, a Chinese Believer Who Received a Bible

    A Chinese Christian recently sent VOM a thank-you letter after receiving a Bible during a VOM-sponsored Bible distribution.

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  • Pray for "Liya," Abandoned by Her Husband for Becoming a Christian

    A woman in Laos was abandoned by her husband after becoming a Christian, and now she is being treated harshly by her parents.

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  • Pray for Ebrahim Firouzi, a Christian Prisoner in Iran

    Ebrahim Firouzi, who has been imprisoned in Iran since August 2013 and was originally scheduled to be released in January 2015, has been sentenced to five more years in prison on charges of "acting against national security, gathering, and collusion."

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