Pray for "Petrus," Who Received Christian Movies from Front-Line Workers

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Two front-line workers gave Christian movies to a gas-station attendant while on a trip to distribute Christian literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workers had stopped at the gas station in the early morning hours, and “Petrus,” a store worker, came out to inform them that they had overpaid by about 30 cents. Impressed by Petrus’s integrity, the Christians began a conversation with him about God. Petrus was open to hearing about the gospel and invited the two men to return for a future visit. He also accepted two Christian movies, including Jesus: He Lived Among Us. Pray for Petrus, and pray that the Christian workers will be able to meet with him again. Pray also for the workers as they distribute Christian literature in an area hostile to the gospel.

  • Pray for Pastor "Kam" and His Wife, Attacked in Their Home

    A pastor and his wife were seriously injured in January when four men entered their home at about midnight and attacked them with a knife.

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  • Pray for Pastor Nikolai Levin, Charged for Disobeying a Court Order

    A Christian leader in Kazakhstan was charged in April with "failure to fulfill a court decision" after he refused to pay fines for leading illegal worship services in his home.

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  • Pray for Family of Murdered Pastor, Han Chung-Ryeol
    Korea, North

    Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol, a VOM partner, was brutally murdered on Saturday, April 30, in Changbai, China.

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  • Pray for "Ahanti", Who Underwent Emergency C-Section After Attack on Church

    A young woman required an emergency C-section after an attack by Hindu radicals on April 15 at the Full Gospel Church.

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  • Pray for Tohar Haydarov, Serving a 10-Year Prison Term

    Uzbek Christian Tohar Haydarov learned recently that he will be required to serve all 10 years of his sentence without the possibility of parole.

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  • Pray for Farshid, Who Recently Left Iran

    Farshid Fathi, who was released from prison in December after being held for five years because of his Christian ministry, was able to leave Iran several weeks ago.

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  • Pray for Pastor Li, Whose Wife Was Killed Trying to Protect the Church

    A demolition crew that was hired to raze a church in China shoved Pastor Li Jiangong and his wife, Ding Cuimei, into a pit on April 14 as the couple attempted to protect the Beitou Church in Henan province.

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  • Pray for "Ji Young" and Her Family, Receiving Medical Care
    Korea, North

    A North Korean woman and her family are receiving medical care through VOM Korea's ministry in China.

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  • Pray for Noah, Who Is Adjusting to Two New Prosthetic Legs

    A young man who lost his legs after a Boko Haram attack several years ago was recently fitted with prostheses provided by a VOM-supported prosthetics lab.

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  • Pray for Christians, Who Face Increasing Hostility

    Turkish believers have asked for prayer, as they face increasing hostility from Muslim extremists.

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  • Pray for Tajerah, Who Is Leading a Group of New Believers

    When Iranian house church leaders heard about 18 new believers in another city who needed a leader, they immediately thought of "Tajerah." Tajerah had been active in Christian work in her own city, so the leaders decided she was ready to take more responsibility.

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