Pray for Mohammed Hegazy, Recently Released from Prison


Mohammed Hegazy, who went by the Christian name Bishoy Armia Bolous, was recently released from prison after making a public confession on July 29 that he had abandoned the Christian faith and returned to Islam. He had been in prison since December 2013, and his lawyer said he considered himself a Christian as recently as June 2016. Authorities have repeatedly harassed and imprisoned Hegazy, who engaged in a long battle to have his faith and name changed on his government ID card. Please pray that Mohammed Hegazy will know the love and peace of Christ.

  • Pray for Eldar, Yusif and Bahram, Arrested at an Engagement Party

    Three Azerbaijani Christians and one Iranian Christian have been held without charge in Iran since their June 24 arrest at an engagement party.

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  • Pray for "Saed" a New Believer in a War-Torn Muslim Country

    "Saed" first heard about Jesus from a Christian friend while living in another Middle Eastern country.

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  • Pray for Dilek, a New Christian Who Believes God Is Angry at Her

    "Dilek", a new Christian in Turkey, has stopped attending worship services because she thinks God is angry with her.

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  • Pray for the Family of Pastor Yohan, Who Was Murdered by Maoists

    On July 30, a Maoist mob abducted Pastor Yohan from his home in the middle of the night and severely beat him before cutting his throat and dumping his body outside the village.

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  • Pray for Ket and Boua, Who Were Arrested for Christian Activities

    Two Christians in Laos were detained in early August for sharing their Christian faith.

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  • Pray for Eugenia, Who Ministers in a Difficult Area

    Eugenia and her husband have endured a series of hardships over the past few years while leading several house churches in rural Chiapas, Mexico.

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  • Pray for Pastors and Other Christian Workers as Persecution Increases

    Pastors and other Christian workers face increasing persecution in this Muslim-majority nation.

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  • Pray for Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, Continually Harassed by Authorities

    An Iranian pastor who has been imprisoned repeatedly for his Christian activities was arrested again on July 24 and charged with "acting against national security."

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  • Pray for a Christian Village Threatened by a Neighboring Community

    Christians who have already faced numerous hardships because of war and Islamic extremists and are now being threatened by a neighboring Muslim village.

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  • Pray for James, a Christian Leader Threatened by Extremists

    "James" and other Christian leaders in Bangladesh are under continual threat from Islamic extremists.

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  • Pray for Christians as Conditions Worsen for Churches

    When Cuba and the United States announced a normalization of relations in December 2014, most did not expect conditions to worsen for churches and Christians.

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  • Pray for Rhonda and Manjeet, Ministering to a Christian Convert from Islam

    Two Christian women, Rhonda and Manjeet, have been mentoring a woman named Sitara, who is the only believer in her village in India.

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  • Pray for Asia Bibi, Still Imprisoned for Christian Faith

    Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi remains in prison after being convicted of blasphemy more than seven years ago.

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  • Pray for Christians Facing Increased Hardships amid Civil War

    The civil war in Yemen has created a humanitarian crisis, leaving the Christian minority vulnerable to increased persecution by various militant groups.

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