Pray for Pastor "Arul" and Evangelist "Omkar", Beaten by Radical Hindus


More than 30 radical Hindus interrupted a worship service on March 15 and began beating the pastor and another church leader. They attacked Pastor “Arul” and another evangelist, “Omkar,” before dragging them to the police station, where they were charged with “forcing conversions.”  The pastor was later treated for two broken ribs. Pastor Arul’s house church has about 20 members, who meet each week in a rented location. Hindu extremists have threatened the Christians and have told the property owner to evict the church.

  • Pray for Iraqi Refugee Families in Jordan

    Many Iraqis were forced to leave everything behind when Islamic State militants overran their cities.

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  • Pray for Two Christians Caught Carrying Bibles

    On March 16, a 33-year-old pastor and a fellow church member in Tiaret, Algeria, were arrested after being caught transporting Bibles and Christian books.

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  • Pray for Mariam, Abandoned by Husband
    Cote d'Ivoire

    A Christian woman in Cote d'Ivoire was expelled from her home by her Muslim husband because she refused to renounce her Christian faith. When she became a Christian, in 2012, her Muslim family attacked her and she was forced to live on the streets.

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  • Pray for a VOM Partner, Attacked in His Home

    On Feb. 19, a VOM partner in Pakistan was attacked in his home by armed men. The men forced their way into his home, beat one of his brothers and stole the family's belongings.

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  • Pray for Christian University Students Attacked by al-Shabab

    Four gunmen from the Islamist group al-Shabab stormed Garissa University on April 2, killing at least 148 people. The militants forced their way into the university in the early morning hours with the intention of holding Christians hostage.

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  • Pray for North Korean Christians in Discipleship Training
    Korea, North

    Five North Korean defectors enrolled in VOM Korea’s Underground Technology (UT) are considering dropping out of their discipleship training. Many students who commit to the UT program become discouraged by loneliness, concerns about family, the need to work so they can send money to family members, and insecurities about their ability to do ministry work.

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  • Pray for Christians Harassed by Local Authorities

    On March 18, local authorities shut down a large evangelical event being held at a soccer field.

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  • Pray for Christians After Churches Burned

    Arsonists have burned three churches in northern Tanzania within the last two months, causing substantial damage.

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  • Pray for Pastor James, Threatened for Leading a Muslim to Christ

    A group of angry Muslims destroyed Pastor James's church and threatened to kill him because he prayed for a man thought to be suffering from a demon attack.

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  • Pray for Christians Recovering from Boko Haram Attack

    Many Christians in Mubi, Adamawa state, are still recovering from injuries sustained in an Oct. 29, 2014, attack by Boko Haram.

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  • Pray for Christians Affected by Two Church Bombings

    At least 17 people were killed and 78 wounded in two separate church bombings on March 15.

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