Pray for Khmu Believers


A group of 20 Khmu families have faced severe persecution over the past 10 years, and many are faltering in their faith. After helping build a new church in May 2004, three church leaders were arrested, and district authorities burned the church in an attempt to stamp out the "foreign" faith. Recently, church members attending a VOM-sponsored discipleship training event told VOM contacts that one of the church leaders had died in prison after being denied food for two weeks. Eight of the families became so discouraged by the harassment that they renounced their faith. The 54 believers from the remaining 12 families continue to face hardships. Lek, 17, dropped out of school because his parents cannot pay his school fees, and some of his friends have tried to discourage his Christian faith. His 19-year-old sister, Ong, is in her last two years of secondary school said she wants to go to Bible school because "There is no next generation of leadership for the church."

  • Pray for Christians Targeted in Reconversion Campaigns

    Hindu activists are planning large-scale reconversion programs throughout India on Dec. 25 to bring Christians and Muslims "back to Hinduism."

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  • Pray for a Christmas Outreach in Izmit

    After overcoming an initial obstacle, a church in Turkey plans to hold a Christmas outreach on Dec. 20 in Izmit. Pastor Emre Karaali and his church had paid rent on a 420-seat venue in Adapazari but were later informed that the building would be closed for repairs at that time. Thankfully, a similar venue was located in nearby Izmit.

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  • Pray for Christians in Northern Kenya

    More than 60 Christians have been killed recently in two separate attacks by al-Shabab in the northern city of Mandera, Kenya.

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  • Pray for Imprisoned Hmong Christians

    Seven Hmong Christians were arrested on Nov. 2 after refusing demands from police and local officials to renounce their faith.

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  • Pray for Christians Under Attack

    Shortly after dawn on Dec. 1, more than 500 heavily armed Boko Haram militants attacked Damaturu, the capital of Yobe state. The militants overran military checkpoints, set fire to a police base and attacked the public university.

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  • Pray for the Families of Five Killed in a Taliban Attack

    Three South Africans and two Afghan nationals were killed in an attack on the Partnership in Academics & Development (PAD) compound in Kabul on Saturday, Nov. 29.

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  • Pray for Pastor's Court Hearing

    On Dec. 3, Pastor Tandin Wangyal will be allowed to speak and present written evidence in an appeal of his felony conviction. Pastor Tandin was charged in September 2014 with receiving funds to spread Christianity in the Buddhist nation, and he later was sentenced to three years and eleven months in prison.

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  • Pray for New President

    Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, elected in October as Indonesia's new president, hopes to protect religious minorities, including Christians, through introduction of a new bill.

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  • Pray for Wenxi and Cai Hong Li

    Wenxi Li, who received a two-year prison sentence in June 2013 for involvement with a Christian book store, is scheduled for release on Dec. 18.

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  • Pray for Reverend Rana

    A pastor and seven Christians were stripped, beaten and falsely accused of "forced conversions" on Nov. 4 in Madhya Pradesh, India. Members of a radical Hindu group stormed their prayer meeting in Kotla village and attacked Reverend Rana and seven members of Bethel Pentecostal Church.

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  • Pray for "Musa"

    "Musa" converted to Christianity while he was still in primary school in the Nuba Mountains. When his father, a devout Muslim, eventually learned of his son’s conversion, he called a meeting with Muslim religious leaders.

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